SDS on a consultancy basis

The creation of safety data sheets is a complex and important task. It concerns safety as well as the image of the company. Only if you are qualified, you can solve this task, and it is a legal requirement to have the necessary qualifications. Therefore, many choose to outsource the task of creating safety data sheets.

Low price, high quality

Many companies offer to create your safety data sheets. However, at CHYMEIA ApS, we have a unique competitive advantage. We use our own software, AlphaOmega, to author safety data sheets. It is the most preferred and automated software on the market.
The time we save by using AlphaOmega means we can offer more quality for money. Data entry and verification are performed by experienced chemists and consultants. You get SDS authored by experts using an expert software.


Our solution also allows you to continuously switch between consultancy and licensing (software) solutions. Therefore, you can always choose the solution that suits you best at any given time, and it can be done without any loss of data.


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