CHYMEIA'S history

CHYMEIA ApS is founded by Chemist Johannes Jind. Johannes Jind has a master's degree in chemistry, but he is also a programmer with extensive experience from the chemicals legislation. With this background, he was able to develop the software AlphaOmega. The process of developing a software like this is extremely time consuming and complicated. Only with great insight in all three disciplines (chemistry, programming and insight in chemical legislation), it is possible to develop such a unique software solution as AlphaOmega.

Development of a new software

Early in his career, Johannes Jind realised that chemical management in Europe was poorly managed and inadequate. Daily, he experienced many faults in important environmental documents and in the handling of chemicals. Later European studies (CLEEN, 2004) also confirms that in fact most of the European safety data sheets and labels are faulty and incorrect.
It was clear that these faults and inadequacies were primarily due to lack of an effective software solution. A software solution that was able to perform the complicated calculations, which form the basis for hazard labelling, classification etc. The development of such a software solution was a task, Johannes Jind undertook, when he began the development and programming of AlphaOmega.
The development took some years, but the result exceeded all expectations: an advanced software solution that automated the authoring of information and documents. It made chemical management and the generation of environmental documents easier than ever. Additionally, it drastically reduced the number of mistakes in these documents.
Within the first years, AlphaOmega became very successful. Today, larger and small companies in all types of industries use AlphaOmega. It is also a software used by several educational institutes.
In 2010, CHYMEIA ApS was among the world's first companies to introduce a completely automated CLP calculator, integrated in AlphaOmega.

CHYMEIA means Chemistry

CHYMEIA is named after the Greek word for chemistry. Our company's logo is based on the Greek letter C (Chi), which is also the initial letter of the company´s name. The pronunciation is debatable, because the word has an old Greek origin. The modern Greek pronunciation is: Chy-mí-a with a Ch-sound, an emphasis on the I and an A that almost disappears. However, in most languages Ch is pronounced with a K sound and therefore the whole word is pronounced Ky-mi-a.

Therefore, our company name may not be the easiest to pronounce, but it originates from what is all about: Chemistry!


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